As a business owner, are you currently busier or less busy?

During slow periods, your business can still be productive.  Things may be down, but Google activity is up, up, up.  Here’s what you may consider adding to your website to help increase business and rank better for customers.

Add additional media

Because users will have fewer opportunities to experience your products through a combination of senses, provide them with as much information as you can via visual media. If you were not using images to promote products, you should start using them now. If You were already using images, consider now using them in larger numbers and in creative ways.

Photograph your products from multiple angles. Include close-ups of the product’s key features, components, and accessories. Include extreme close-ups to showcase the products finishes, textures, and quality. Lastly, include videos along with your images and if your resources allow, consider investing in technologies like 3D, 360 photography, or Augmented reality (AR).

Add chat to your Ecommerce store

In this unprecedented time, as Canadian consumers have flocked to online shopping while lockdowns to combat the COVID-19 pandemic were instituted, having an online store with a chat function has become essential to staying relevant and connected to your customers. Your e-store does not have to be big, nor fancy, but you urgently need to be able to sell things over the Internet, Being able to answer questions in real time can give you an edge on the competition. If things are slow right now, all the more reason to take some time to install this feature.

Update your COVID-19 page/section

If your website was developed correctly (like, by our team!), you should be able to make changes quickly and easily yourself.

Consider modifying the COVID-19 message on your homepage to inform your visitors about the very latest policies, and update it regularly. Google will pick up any up-to-date verbiage, so make sure your keywords are in these updates and tie the messaging into your social media posts. Maybe you are no longer servicing customers in-store and are offering curbside pickup instead, or maybe you had 145 items on your menu before,but are now offering half the items in the form of packages. If you are still open for in-store service, use the page to inform visitors of the very latest measures you are taking to keep them, your staff, and yourself safe. Include any updates since the first wave to show you are thinking of them and that you have even improved the way you are serving them.

If you are busier than you ever were, these are 4 things you might want to add to your website to manage the new business.

Develop “self-service” options

Come up with ways for people to take action themselves.

We Trellians love to use smart forms to empower our users. A form that has logic built into it can guide users through a useful journey. They can inform themselves of the available options related to the services they are interested in, and make decisions that inform what the project scope will be like. Online forms are also conveniently available 24/7.

If you want to try using smart forms, take your pick from the following options:

Welcome and feature reviews and testimonials

More work also means that more clients will be writing reviews from your products and testimonials from your services. More and more people every day become used to writing reviews and website testimonials. Some make it an integral part of their lifestyle and livelihood, like YouTubers, Influencers, and paid-product reviewers. If people are going to do it, you can provide them with the means to do it and a place to showcase them. Make their job easier. Ask yourself: If my dream influencer wanted to rave about my business, what could I hand them right now to help make it a no-brainer?

Social media

More work also means more examples of how your product/service helps address your clients’ pain points. If you don’t have a Social Media presence, or a social media marketing strategy, you should start now. Stories of how people interact with your products/services translate into social proof naturally and organically. Many business pages are now acting as stores, some hugely successful – take photos of things that are flying out the door. You want to move slow merchandise? Consider bundling tired items – people love bundles, and the new presentation may make them more interesting, and show value.

Offer Online Booking

Integrate an online booking system with your website. Automating the booking process means it can be done 24/7, with zero waiting time, at the convenience of the user. It will also free your staff to focus their efforts on high-priority tasks. There are many ways to incorporate website automation into your life. Just ask!

Email our marketing team today to learn ways that we can improve your business’s website during busy and less busy times. Trellis Business Services Inc. will help you  grow your business!

By Miguel Lopez

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