Repetitive much?

Do you spend each day doing tasks that take time away from core business functions over and over? Consider automation – getting things done with minimal human assistance.

Benefits of automation

Save time

Minutes matter. It’s about how little time blocks add up over the long term. Let’s do the math.

15 minutes saved per workday, over 252 average workdays in a year, equals about 3,000 minutes saved. That’s more than 60 hours. You could make a brilliant proposal and get a new client in that time!

Focus on what is meaningful

Monotonous work can negatively impact mental health, cause major stress, and lead to burnout.
The time saved by automation can be used instead to focus on things that deserve your attention.

Reduce human error

When a person loses concentration it makes it easier for them to slip up and get something wrong. If set up correctly, automation can reduce and even prevent human error.

Centralize communication

An automated workflow can move data automatically and seamlessly into one central place. It can also route critical notifications to keep a team on the same page.

To automate, or not to automate, that is the question

A task is fit for automation if:

  • Is a simple task that doesn’t require complex thinking.
  • Is a task that needs to be done often or on a set schedule.
  • It involves moving information/data around.
  • It involves the same steps every time.

What tasks are not right for automation?

Tasks that require creativity, problem-solving skills, or emotional intelligence, are not appropriate for automation.

Where to start?

Find automation opportunities. A few low- risk processes to start practicing automation include:

  • Streamline your social media.
  • Organize your emails with email rules.
  • Stop searching for News and have them come to you instead.
  • Fill online forms

Take away


  • Eliminates unnecessary work-related tasks.
  • Improves the efficiency of your processes and your productivity.
  • Is a long-term investment. Benefits are immediate and add up over time.

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