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Whatever you are doing in your business right now, there is always something more that you can do to find savings and build capacity.

Need problem solving in your business? Think of it as problem finding – are you sure know what your problems are? Whatever they are, there is a business systems solution for it.

What is your aim right now? Are you in survival mode? If so, there are still ways you can free up your time, reduce hours, or get through a project with more ease. If you are growing quickly in a market that has shifted in your favour, you may find that the old way of doing things is not serving you well.

Could you use support in any of these areas?:

  • Automation – adding chat bots or email streams
  • Efficiency – studying workflows to find bottlenecks
  • Capacity Building to scale up
  • Sales Lead Capture and Funnel creation
  • Customer service and customer experience
  • CRM development, transfer or management

Many of our customers currently use a spreadsheet for their customer database – they haven’t taken the plunge to transfer all their contact data into a CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) platform yet. But doing so repurposes and repositions all that data to be a selling and business development machine, where you can set up your business so clients come to you (inbound marketing)

Trellis is a Hubspot Inbound Marketing partner – that means we can set up and run your CRM using the popular and robust Hubspot software platform. We can set up a sales funnel that automatically populates it, and creates a mailing list that follows best practices and turns contacts into leads, and leads into sales.

Trellis can help you automate your workflows and add services like chat bots and new channels to your existing systems. We can assist with events and supporting your sales people.

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1 CRM Management

You have a database. It’s an exel sheet. Could it be better? How about a CRM (Customer Relationship Manager)? When all your contacts are in a CRM, you will be surprised by how much utility you will truly get out of it. Organize your information how you wish, connect contacts to their domains, and set a schedule for contacting them. The benefits, and possibilities for sales and marketing are endless!

If you are already using a CRM you love, but you don’t have time to fill in the fields or organize the contacts in a more meaningful way, ask us to quote on a refresh of your database system. We will always create something for you with an improved business focus.

Trellis specializes in Hubspot solutions for sales funnel and CRM applications.

Rates start at $1500 to create a new CRM database.

2 Sales & Lead Generation

As anyone in sales can tell you, capturing leads is not hard, but it is work. Harder still to make the connection meaningful. It’s all about creating a system tailored to your client and their behavior and your goals for that client. Start with your expectations for exactly how you want that potential client to interact with your brand.

Trellis can implement landing pages, provide market intelligence, and help you with strategy and planning. We can track your users web activity and help you define and achieve better conversion rates, whatever “conversion” means to you.

3 Event Support & Association Management

Your company’s success could well depend on strong affiliations with industry groups and taking part in the right events, whether in person or virtual.

Don’t let limited capacity stop you from taking part in industry events that can get you in front of your perfect audience! These events take lots of time, from planning your content to creating winning presentations and distributing up to date marketing materials.

Webinars are another way to connect with clients – not just now — over the last 10 years they have increased in popularity due to the opportunity to go deep on a subject. Let us help you write your presentation, and manage attendees.

Trellis is a provider of promotional products and can help you find the right giveaway for your event. We can run a contest or promotion for you, and follow up with attendees too!

If you struggle to stay on top of your memberships, Trellis can help you here too. Trade activities are important for professional relevance and we have lots of ideas for you! Contact us to tell us where you are in need of help.

4 E-Commerce Support

Creating an online store is more accessible than ever. Tools and platforms such as Shopify and Woo-commerce make it easy to bring your product to market.

Many business owners find when they start this process, though, the decisions that need to be made and the detailed inputs required are so energy consuming that they lose time and bandwidth and many shops end up half-built and gathering dust even while the platform continues to cost month after month.

If you want to convert sales online quickly and with little effort, engage Trellis to do this for you and see your store functioning in a few hours to days.

Explore our partner Shopify site at, a place to get covid distancing decals. Let us build your Shopify site or build in a store and CRM right in your existing shop. Ask us how at

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