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Not every business is a creative business but every successful entrepreneur is creative.

Creativity is an inborn characteristic of someone who comes up with new ideas and solutions.

It takes many shapes: Making efficient workflows, finding new markets; even growing an interconnected network of people is a form of creativity.

Creativity is not a spice you sprinkle on at the end. At Trellis, it’s a basic ingredient that makes the meal!

So when you work with us for creative, you will get what you expect – if you need a nice layout done, or a template for presentations, you will get something attractive and well proportioned.

If you want copy that conveys a targeted message in a well-crafted blog or even a product catalogue, we can provide that. But know that when you work with our team you leverage our creativity from the beginning.  We may offer you a solution you didn’t think existed.

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1 Graphic Design

“There are three responses to a piece of design – Yes, No, and WOW! Wow is the one to aim for. – Milton Glaser

Design is more than just pretty colours and trendy fonts. You can spot good design when you see it; it turns heads. It stimulates the audience’s feelings using elements like colors, fonts, textures, and images that stick in your memory.

At Trellis we pride ourselves in our solid creative concepts which have helped us build successful brands and campaigns. We can convey a complex brand or marketing requirement in a single picture while telling a simple yet engaging story.

We aim to mix and match ideas and go beyond conventional thinking. By working with strong graphic designers and experienced team leads who understand what your project needs, we are constantly leveraging our expertise towards bringing your vision to life. Engage with us now to discuss how we can support your design needs on an hourly basis or as part of a larger project with our friendly flat rates as well.

Rate: $55 – $110 per hour.

2 Web Design

Do you need a new website, a redesign of a current one, or ideas for making your site more engaging? Maybe you don’t know what you need because of how fast things evolve these days? Your website serves multiple functions, and design is at the heart of those functions.

We will help you craft a web presence that works both on desktop and mobile devices. Our sites are easy to manage and integrate seamlessly with other online channels like social media and digital channels.

User-friendly, and eye-catching websites are within reach. New sites built from scratch start at $2,600.

3 Copy Writing

Have you heard? We are all publishers now. Google will reward you for communicating directly to your audience and this opens up an area of ongoing marketing that no business can afford to consider as an afterthought.

Content is never done. There is no Set it and Forget it any more.

Written and spoken Communications need a dedicated effort if you want to stay competitive.

Even without regular blogging, newsletters or social media, good copy helps your business. Consider how your project or business could benefit from

  • Optimizing your web pages with key words
  • Reports or white papers
  • Website content text
  • Proposal writing
  • Intro letters, company collateral, company summaries, bios, brand statements
  • Presentations and webinars
  • E-learning copy and technical instructional copy
  • Ghost writing
  • Business Plans

Our in house team can work with you to provide well-written copy from snappy headings and persuasive sales copy or personalized storytelling. Let us be your voice!

Rates depend on speciality, length, type of copy, optimization, amount of research required, and frequency.

4 Video

A video is worth a thousand pictures. For some businesses, creating video content is a core activity, and for others, it’s deemed unnecessary.

If your marketing has any component of emotion in it, or if your service is a little different, you need video. Today, video isn’t a frill or an afterthought, It’s what consumers expect. There is no question that video will yield rewards in the digital realm, where audiences just can’t seem to get enough.

Whether it’s to showcase your work, explain a process, describe your product, tell a story, be social, or , Trellis will help you reach your audience in the most meaningful way.

5 Illustration

Help your audience make sense of data through visual communication, and understand a complex idea by making it visual. We do this by creating original characters for cartoons or designing interactive charts and graphs.

When you have a lot of data to communicate, the best way to show off that content is to reduce your reliance on text, have focal points to create emphasis and set boundaries. We creatively use data visualization, infographics, and other visual content to bring your data to life.

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