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If Marketing is the Politician, Communications is the speech writer.

Every exchange is an opportunity to build goodwill or communicate your brand message. Each impression, including your estimate, sign, business card, social media post, text message, video call.. every single one is doing this for you consciously or not. That goes for internal as well as external communication. In marketing, to build a brand impression with a new customer, you need to hit them with at least 7 Touch Points. If you think of all the different possibilities for touch points with your clients, it won’t take long to get there if you are thoughtful and conscious of the language you use and the tone your brand uses to convey your message.

Communications is an area you cannot neglect if you wish to build a strong brand. You can present a great visual image, but once you’ve captivated your audience, what are you going to say? And how is that going to turn into more loyalty, engagement and ultimately revenue for you? What is the next step, or the next 5 steps?

Today, the speed and frequency of communications is greater than ever before. Think of it – Social media has trained us to be repeat publishers – how? By adding the words “follow” and “subscribe”. One-way advertising is still relevant, but now it has become more about growing an audience for multiple future interactions. This is a challenge for a company with limited resources, but it also explains why spend on digital marketing has been increasing around the globe, year over year.

Don’t say things that have already been said, speak directly to your target audience and be purposeful. It’s the only way to cut through clutter in today’s crowded market.

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1 Content Writing

Do you believe the old catchphrase “Publish or Perish”? We do, and it has never been more true than right now. Companies posting relevant content rise above the rest. Why? The future of digital marketing success is in providing specific information to people who need it. And you know things – you know a lot! So tell the world and share your knowledge.

We can help by writing, proofreading, editing, or helping you frame and plan your content to remove the overwhelm factor. Rates range from blog posts to sector specific material. Rates are based on projects and ongoing need. web content (starting at $100 per page) for your site, regular blogging (starting at $200 per article), or newsletters (based on monthly rates starting at $120 to write and manage mailings)

2 Printed Collateral

Graphic design and layout are one thing, but if you are unsure about the format or verbiage for your printed flyer, guide, report, or proposal, speak to us! Rates start at $95 per promotional piece.

3 Report Writing

Reports are mandatory for many industries, and Trellis writes or assists in writing for organizations and companies who need to generate them. This can include annual reports, studies, white papers and conference materials.

When you are ready with your bullet form content or your materials are being developed, reach out to us for a quote to help you structure the text, reduce it, write for specific audiences and provide a framework if you need one. We know reports and can help you wrap up that project! We will work with your budget for design and writing. Rates start at $1000 for a 10 page report.

4 Newsletter Writing

Staying in touch through email is still a valid and important touch point. Even if they don’t read every word, you are there and visible to your client. Coming up with new material can be a challenge depending on what your other duties are – and these days we are doing more jobs than before. So reach out for affordable help in writing those pieces to share as well as creating catchy subject lines. We offer:

  • List analysis
  • Click through tracking
  • Tactics to grow your audience
  • Improving open rates
  • A/B Testing
  • Helping you identify relevant topics
  • Managing the creation and publishing from A-Z.

Talk to us!

5 Proposal Writing

Winning proposals are clear, well framed and depend on a thorough understanding of the proposal request. You don’t give any less than they asked, and if you give more, make it count. Trellis has written winning proposals and can help you with yours!
Rates start at $500.

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